Laxton 10k – Tactics

Those that know me well know that my race tactics are usually to start hard, try and hang on, then fade fast at the end…often resulting in huge positive splits; indeed I’ve ran my second fastest mile (05:38) ever in the first mile of a 10k. That was a painful experience that I will recount on here one day.

Anyway, back to today…tonight sees me take on a local 10k road race at Laxton. For those that don’t know, Laxton is a very flat, rural 10k and is great for chasing down PBs. That said, I’ve never managed to PB on this course and I’ve ran it three times..!  The problem I have with flat, fast course, is the fact that I tend to set off like a teenager who’s just stolen an xBOX. Today however I intend to break the streak of positive splitting and go for the elusive negative split. Sure I won’t PB as I’m not in PB shape…despite having a good block of training over the previous weeks my diet has not been what it should have been and I am currently carrying an extra 12lbs or so. The target for the day is a solid (ideally low) 42.x for the 10k.

So what should a 42.x 10k look like…ideally I will be off at around 06:50/mi pace for the first four miles, then will look to increase the pace slightly in mile five, before burying myself in mile six. If I can execute this plan then I should comfortably manage the 42.x and you never know, a real hard last 2k may just see me dip into 41.59.

Wish me luck, it’s hotter than Satan’s under-crackers today and I will need to remain focused and ‘on-track’.


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