The Heat is On…

I admit it, I do love the current warm sunny weather we are experiencing in the UK…it’s even made it’s way up to good ‘ol Yorkshire. It’s nice when you can take the dog out for a late evening walk whilst wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or just chilling in the back yard with “H” and the girls.

The downside however is the effect the heat is having on my running, or rather racing…take last night’s Laxton 10k. Was on pace for my target (42.x) at 3.5 miles but the heat was just too much and I wilted like a flower in the desert. Speaking with other runners it appears I wasn’t the only one…indeed EVERYONE I spoke with ran a positive split.

I’m gonna have another crack at hitting the 42 minutes at next Tuesday’s YRRL Stillington 10k…..the forecast for next week looks a little better, temperatures of around 25c during the day, down to around 21c at race time. Much better than last night where we were looking at around 28c at race time.

Fingers crossed, I’ll hit the target…”The heat is on”



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