You Know You’re a Runner When…

Those ‘You know you’re a runner when…’ posts always bring a wry smile from me. Everyone knows that we runners are an odd bunch of people, with some strange habits, rituals, and pre-race routines. When I read the ‘You know you’re a runner…’ posts I find that I can relate to many of them, often thinking to myself ‘Yep, done that one’, and chalking them off an imaginary checklist in my mind.

For those that don’t know, I’m running the PlusNet Yorkshire Marathon in York on Sunday 20th October. My training thus far has gone well, the long runs are up to 15 miles or so, and the legs are coping well. It’s safe to say I’m probably in one of the most crucial phases of my marathon training…the phase where you start to amass the miles, slowly building up to the magic 20 mile training runs. Suddenly however I find a fly in my ointment…that fly is the ‘holiday fly’. No this isn’t some newly discovered species of fly that follows marathon runners around, it’s the dreaded holiday in the middle of marathon training.

Normal folk (and by that I mean those who don’t run) look forward to their annual vacation to warmer and more exotic destinations however, when you’re a marathon runner in the middle of marathon training this is something to dread.

This year we booked a last minute, one week, family get away to Cala’n’ Bosch in Menorca. The old, pre-runner me, would have relished the idea of a week spent relaxing by the Mediterranean Sea. I probably would have spent it eating paella and drinking cheap Spanish lager and wines, but now I’m a runner. A week away in the middle of marathon training is something to be dreaded and needs to be managed well to limit the potential impact on your training.

So for me, my own personal ‘You know you’re a runner when..’ has become; You know you’re a runner when you spend hours on Google Earth researching 15 mile run routes at your holiday destination.

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