Steady Progress

Every journey starts with a single step….even the longest!

I’m slowly getting back into my training following several weeks of interrupted training due to sciatica/piriformis issues. To date I’ve had three sessions with my physiotherapist and, she’s started to work wonders. There is still a little low grade sciatica however, nothing is anywhere as vocal as it was three weeks ago.

This week I’ve managed to run just over 31 miles and should hit 40 after Sunday’s race in Hull.

Talking of the race on Sunday, I’m not sure how it’s gonna go. To be honest, I’m not expecting anything fast. The lack of consistent movement over the last three weeks, combined with some comfort eating have resulted in me packing on five pounds. The extra weight, along with my poor recent training will undoubtedly make it tougher than I would have hoped. Since I now I can’t expect a PB I am treating it as a tempo run and will start on tempo pace (06:55/mi). Hopefully I’ll hold this to the halfway and, if I feel good I may do the last three miles on race pace.

Other things..

My coaching is moving along nicely…I’m coaching a couple of vet senior athletes at the moment and helping them along their own personal journey of success. For various reasons the kids coaching has been hit and miss over the last few months however, I’m pretty confident I can get things moving along nicely again.

I’ve just been bumped up to the National Coach Development Programme so that’s gonna be an interesting experience to say the least. I meet with my personal mentor when he gets back from Team GB duties next week and will start mapping out my PDP etc.

That’s all for this one…hopefully the weather will continue to improve and we can all enjoy a few miles outside in the warm early summer sunshine this weekend.

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