Week Commencing 9th June

Training for week commencing 9th June 2014

Mon 9th: 3.25 miles av. 08:47/mi. Surprised to have DOMS in legs after a little 10k, suspect that the physio treatments are making the muscles work differently hence, the loading causing me some post-race soreness.

Tue 10th: 6.82 miles av. 08:25/mi. Nothing too hard today, could still feel the DOMS.

Wed 11th: 7.54 miles av. 07.57/mi. Legs felt a little fresher so I upped the effort slightly. Followed this with a little S&C work in the gym.

Thu 12th: 2.52 miles av. 07:43/mi. Pushed for time but managed to squeeze in a little pre-work run.

Fri 13th: Scheduled Rest Day

Sat 14th: No running, took my daughter to Download Festival in Donnington.

Sun 15th: No running, was over to Scunthorpe to see family.



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