Week Commencing 23rd June

Solid week of training done despite struggling with hay fever.


Day Session Distance Time Energy Notes  
Mon REST 0 00:00:00 8 REST & RECOVERY  
Tue Fartlek 6.7 00:50:00 9 50 mins of fartleks  
Wed General 10.23 01:24:22 8 Run with club mates at Pocklington. Up over the Yorkshire Wolds, taking in some reasonable climbs. A strong finish in the last three miles (low 7’s high 6s)  
  AM-Gym 0 00:45:00 8 S&C  
Thu Pyramids 6.06 00:43:00 9 10 mins warm-up; 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 (60s)   
Fri S&C 0 00:45:00 8 45 mins S&C, Core, Flex  
Sat Progressive 6.47 00:50:00 8 10min WU 3x8min incremental paced runs Pick up the pace as you feel 2mins rest between each one 10min WD  
Sun Long Run 11.11 01:24:07 8 A litte tightness in the right calve for the first 20 mins or so, but soone eased off and pace was strong and comfortable,  
  Total Distance 40.57        
  Total Time 06:41:29        
  Av. Energy 8.3        


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