OMG, that’s some funky sh*t..!

One thing I did note last weekend when running, I use that term very loosely (see last blog) in reference to the Thunder Run, is that I felt quite fatigued, more that I would have expected for my level of overall fitness.

I know I’m cracking on in years, however over the last few weeks I’ve began to notice that I am feeling more fatigued than usual. At first I was putting it down to the heat making me feel lethargic, but being at the TR last weekend I had plenty of time to think about this and, the realisation that I may well be suffering with iron deficiency anaemia crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

I had this problem a few years ago and spent a good few months on ferrous sulphate tablets to get my levels back into the normal range. Back then I didn’t really notice the issue ’til it was too late. Suddenly I was feeling washed out, lethargic, and struggling. Although I’ve not YET had this confirmed by a blood test, I’m pretty confident, the way I’m feeling now is very similar to how I was back then. I’ve started back on the ferrous sulphate tablets again just to be safe and am planning to get a full blood test next week to confirm my levels.

One thing I’d forgotten about iron tablets is the erm effect it has on your poo….it’s turned black again…as the Prodigy once sang “OMG that’s some funky sh*t”

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