VLM 2015 – Long Build-up

So I managed to get through the London Marathon ballot and have a place for the 2015 Virgin London Marathon. 2015 will be my third running of London Marathon and this time I want to get it right.

I did my first one back in 2007. I hadn’t been running long and managed to blag a place with 8 weeks to go. In excitement I threw myself headlong into training and quickly became overwhelmed and lost two weeks of training with illness. I hit the start line having amazed a total of 6 weeks and 2 days of training…very underprepared. That said, I managed a creditable 3h:59m:53s marathon on the day.

The second one was done wearing the infamous red budgie smugglers…I foolishly agreed to run the marathon in a pair of budgie smugglers (swim trunks) to raise funds for the ‘Run for Japan’ charity. The marathon was very tough. Helen was very worried about me running the marathon in only a pair of red budgie smugglers so, in her attempt to save me from sunburn, she covered all my exposed parts (and there were many) in factor 50 sunblock. This worked…however a side effect of this was that due to the thickness of the sunblock I lost the ability to sweat. Given that sweating is my body’s preferred way to regulate it’s core temperature I soon began to overheat, suffering heat exhaustion , struggling to get round in 4h:15m and feeling very sick.

This year I pledged to run this the best way I can…no short term training plans, no silly charity challenges, just go out, train well and race well. So that’s my plan…

I’ve already started a pre-load in my training programme with a view to getting my body ready for the training load when it begins in earnest (Jan). I’m currently running 5-7 times a week and will be gradually picking up the mileage from the current level of 35-45 miles to a high 50, low 60 miles.

The time target is simple…I want to be in a position where I have a very realistic change of running a sub 3h:15m marathon, ideally sub 3h:10m.

It’s gonna be a HUGE challenge, but it is a challenge I’m up for…

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