Merry FITmas Challenge

Part if the VLM 2015 build-up requires me to train more and run more mileage…to get my body ready for this I’ve set December as my ‘train to train’ month. This is where I get my body and mind use to regular training. In an effort to ensure I train regular I’ve set myself a simple and easy to do challenge…run a minimum of 1 mile EVERY day during December. The thought behind this is that if I achieve this I will have gotten my body and mind use to training a minimum of 7 times a week, and this will prepare me nicely for the increased training load during the VLM 2015 build-up.

So…below I have listed what I’ve done so far in my Merry FITmas challenge…

Day One: 3.17 steady mile (av. 08:29/mi)

Day Two: 7AM 10 mins W/U, 6×3 mins efforts off 90s recovery, 10 mins W/D (6.5 miles); 1PM 4 mile ‘Social’ run leading a couple of colleagues from work (av. 08:57/mi), 7PM 1 mile escorting ‘Anna’ (my daughter) for her 1 mile run (09:05/mi).

Yes you read it right…my daughter is also partaking in the Merry FITmas, 1 mile-a-day challenge.

Today I will do my run tonight however the plan is for a slow and steady 40 mins or so…ideally I’ll stay well within the aerobic zone and just have some solid 09:00/mi miles.

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