Feeling the Gains…

After the recent block of training I’m starting to feel the gains and running is becoming easier…take this morning’s fartlek run for example; the run was simple, 15 mins steady, 50 mins fartlek, 15 mins steady…1h:20m in total.

Go back four or five weeks ago and a run like that would have destroyed me both physically and mentally…I’d have been blowing out my harris after 30 mins and would probably of struggled to last the duration. After the recent block of training I found the run was more than manageable and I actually felt strong throughout the entire run and always felt that I could have lifted the pace if needed…something I’ve not experienced in quite some time I can tell you.

My weight is still an issue…despite running some high mileage (for me) I’m struggling to drop the pounds. I know this is purely down to some poor eating habits combining with a few social nights out. I am going to track all my calories over the coming weeks in an effort to wrestle control back. My first race of 2015 is in just over 3 weeks time and I need to lose and additional 7 or 8 pounds between now and then to get back ‘on track’. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if I stay focused and don’t allow myself to make the recent bad food choices. I need to keep focused on this as the excess flab is definitely having an adverse effect on my ability to hold pace for longer. Focus Daz, focus…

It’s still early days in my London Marathon training and I’m just focused on base training however, I feel that I am pretty much ‘on track’ and making solid progress towards my goal.

The next couple of weeks should see me top over 250 miles of the month, my highest monthly mileage since March 2011, and my base phase of running is due to last through to the end of February.

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