All About the Base and Marginal Gains…

Progress towards my marathon goal at London in April is well on-track. Despite being quite busy at work, juggling home life, sick children and pets, I’ve managed to train consistently over the last few weeks. I’m feeling that I am getting a real strong aerobic base starting to build and have managed some decent training mileage. I’m not fast or sharp yet, however that is exactly what I expect as I need to peak in April and not in February.

With just over 2 weeks ‘til my first race of 2015 (Snake Lane 10) and am looking like I have a chance of nailing a PB on the day. It won’t be as fast as I’d like to go as I’m going to be training hard right up to the race day. All the recent hard training will mean that I’ll have a little fatigue in my legs so realistically can’t expect to be running at my top end however, I should be well capable of running a new PB.

The only real fly in the ointment is my weight…I’m still not dropping it as fast as I’d like. Possibly down to the continued social work events resulting in me consuming a couple of high calorie Indian meals, a few too many beers and not enough of the high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats needed to support my training.

This mornings weigh in was a little disappointing, I am still around 28 pounds heavier than I need to be on race day however, luckily for me the social events have all now passed so I can start to focus on my diet, ensuring that I eat the proper fuel for my training and dropping those pounds. Each pound of excess fat lost is worth around 2 seconds off my minute mile pace so if I can hit that 28 pounds I should be looking at running 45-60s faster per mile for the same effort. Now that is some marginal gain…!

Well that’s all for this weeks blog…back to work and training.

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