Despite being an experienced running coach at my local club and helping many athletes achieve performances they once thought were out of their grasp I’ve always had a difficulty in coaching myself. For some reason I am just unable to follow my own advice and end up experimenting on myself, skipping sessions or making some basic error in my own coaching plan that leads to poor performances.

Since my goals and targets are somewhat grand (for me) I have decided to take on a new coach to map out my training over the next 12 months or so. After a little internet research I engaged the services of Tom Craggs and Nick Anderson over at Running with Us. All the stuff I’ve read about them makes me believe they can help me along my journey and, within seconds of chatting to Tom I knew I would be engaging them to help.

We’ve started working together this week, with the view to having a solid performance at the Liverpool Marathon in the middle of June. Once from there we’ve identified the Great North Run half-marathon in September, the Yorkshire Marathon in October and the Manchester Marathon in Spring 2016 as my key target races.

I’m looking forward to the experience and, having someone to be accountable to, feel that this should be a huge success in terms of performances etc.

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