Work / Life Balance


Stressed, frustrated, fatigued…these are three words that can be used to describe my current thought and feelings in relation to work, life and running.

Managing the mental health issues that come along with a teenage daughter who has a disability and learning difficulties is challenging to say the least. There’s seldom a day that passes by without my wife and I feeling the heavy weight of stress on our shoulders. Sometimes it can be so hard and physically draining that I can struggle to muster the strength to get out of the door for a run. Adding to that my work is a little crazy at the moment. I am in constant in demand, being pulled this way-and-that and, last minute weekend working has meant that I’ve had to pull out of two races this month.

 Last Sunday I was meant to be rocking up at the Great North Run however, I spent the Saturday and Sunday providing support for a telephony upgrade at work. I did manage to watch the race (and what a race it was) on the good ‘ol internet however, it was not the same as actually running the race I had entered. Sure, I wasn’t gonna challenge the front runners but it would have been good to get up there and see I’ve adapted to the recent block of training and what needs to be tweaked before next months marathon.

 So the big question is “where does all this stress leave my plans?”, “I have no idea.” is the answer. I still want to have a crack at a sub 3 hour marathon over the next 18-24 months however, will my current work / life stresses have too big an impact? Maybe I should just hedge my bets and go back to running for fun rather than time? The thing is…if I do that I will always feel that I never reached my full potential and will be living with regret. I guess the answer is, I will need to find a way to reduce and / or manage the stresses better.

Well no one ever said life was gonna be easy and my certainly isn’t.

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